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Reflective Stickers On Bicycles

3 years ago we started a campaign of educating road users by going to industries and pasting reflective stickers on bicycles in Faridabad city and we did roughly 25 events and pasted around 13,000 stickers, last year the campaign was changed to “Million Stickers Safety for All” and we started to reach out to all cyclists in the city, we did events at new paper distribution centre, cycle parking at railway station, bus station, factories, cycle repair centres and our reach exapnded further and in last one year we pasted apporximately 25,000 stickers.

In Nov 2011 Faridabad Police and Faridabad Industry Association launched campaign in similar lines, last week Delhi Police and IRF (International Road Federation) has launched similar campaign in which they will be pasting 10 Lakh reflective stickers on the city bicycles.

It is a very proud moment for I Love My City as our idea is now getting wings and will impact thousands of lives and it is our responsibility that this idea should go to each and every city of our country and all cycles and pasted with reflective sticker.

A journey of thousand miles begin with single step

I therefore invite you to join our campaign and contribute in whatever way you can and spread this idea to each and every city of our country.

PP Singh Founder – I Love My City

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