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No Limits

Roads are made for the convinence of the people and smooth flow of traffic but in Sector-24 in almost middle of the road a there was heap of solid earth one feet high and seven feet long, causing sudden jerks to the unaware 4 wheelers, trucks and toppling 2 wheelers and causing injuries. The heap of solid earth was there for last 4 months and no one cared.

I Love My City took the initiative, lead by PP Singh and cleared this hurdle, he was joined by group of volunteers of GKN Driveline India Limited where Mr.PP Singh also works, even the truck drivers and cleaners sitting nearby joined to clear the obstruction on the road.

The event was planned on 2nd May 2015 during the lunch break with an assumption that it was a simple task and will be completed in 30 minutes, but the heap was rock solid and it was very tough to break the earth, in 30 minutes we could break only 20% of it. Suddenly a JCB appeared from nowhere to help us and within no time the heap of heard earth was cleared. “Where there is a will, there is a way”

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