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Swachta 365 Initiative

Updated: Jan 5, 2019

I Love My City has launched a new Initiative in Faridabad called ‘Swachta 365′, as we believe cleanliness aka swatch cannot be achieved by practising only once a year but every day to make an impact.

The initiative was launched in Sector 16 Market by Cleaning a park which was being used as a dump yard for years.

Also If we pledge only 356 days, that is, only a year, to keep our surroundings clean we can transform how this city looks by the end of those 365 days.

To launch the event Amisha Chaudhary (MS United Nations), Sri. Rajesh Chechi (ACP Crime), Sri. S Puniya (XEN) and Sri Vijay Dhaka (XEN) honoured us with their presence.

At the start of the Event ILMC(I Love My City) Founder Mr PP Singh, talked about how small and simple actions towards cleanliness everyday create a lasting impact on the city.

Rajesh Chechi (ACP Crime) took out time from his busy schedule to attend the event and congratulate ILMC on their hard work and cleaning the park. He was also instrumental in the achievement as he was also providing support through the MCF and keeping track of the progress. He also talked about how every citizen can help the cause of pollution and smog in the city through awareness and action.

After that he along with Sri. S Puniya (XEN) and Sri Vijay Dhaka (XEN) honoured the MCF employees who had worked day and night in transforming the area.

Amisha Chaudhary who often travels to different countries representing United Nations and their causes talked about how ‘Swachta 365’ is a very important initiative for our country as not only it affects our lives but also impacts tourism. She also brought attention to the growing problem of Pollution and Smog and how small initiatives from every citizen goes a long way.

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