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Road Accidents Claiming Young Lives

NEW DELHI: A recent traffic police survey has pointed out that more and more youngsters are falling prey to traffic accidents. In the last six months this year, over one-fourth of the 938 people who have died are between 19-30 years of age, while the trend is similar when it comes to those injured in accidents.

“While 239 people between the ages of 19 and 30 years died between January and June this year, most of them (229) were found to be male. In the same age group, 819 people were reported injured in road accidents, with 727 of them being male,” said joint commissioner of police (traffic), Satyendra Garg.

Traffic police data of the first six months reveals that 938 people have died in road accidents, while 3,649 were reported injured. About 75 of these victims of fatal accidents are below the age of 18 years while those injured in accidents belonging to the same age group are 308.

Around 136 people have died and 416 injured between the ages of 31-40 years. Fatal accident victims above the age of 40 years number 191 while 458 were reported injured. Of the total victims, the age group of 297 killed and 1648 injured is not known, say traffic cops.

A majority of accident victims who have been killed or injured in the city streets have been found to be male, said police officers.

The statistics of fatal accidents over the last five years have shown that while there has been a steady increase in the number of lives lost in road accidents across the country

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