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A Thought Towards A Clean & Beautiful Bharat….

You may come across a tube well in Faridabad, painted to perfection, with different caricatures on it. This is one of the initiatives taken up by an NGO named ‘I Love My City’ which is adopting shabby tube wells.

Several months ago, the tube well in Sector 15-A was lying in a dilapidated state, with garbage and debris strewn around it. The wall was in such a condition that it could not even be touched. Then came in picture an NGO, ‘I Love My City’, under its initiative, painted a particular well’s wall beautifully, giving it a new lease of life.

This NGO has been relentlessly working on several issues prevailing in the city like road safety and cleanliness from the past five years. Apart from cleanliness, they also believe in beautifying a particular area. Founder of the NGO, PP Singh said, “People don’t hesitate to litter their surroundings. However, any place which looks beautiful is often not targeted for the mess.”The members of this group selected this particular tube well as its paint had faded and the cement had started to chip off from almost every side. To give it a new lease of life, this group plastered and fixed the damages in the wall. They invited art students to give it this transformation.

Kirti Singh, a student of Delhi School of Arts took this as a challenge to transform this eye sore into a remarkable wall of art. Manbir Kaur, CEO of I Love My City said, “The very purpose of the initiative is to inspire the thought of ‘Swach aur Sundar Bharat’ and instil a sense of pride in every citizen of the city. It will encourage others to take up such initiatives to make their city a clean and a beautiful place to live.”Even the residents of the vicinity liked the concept and appreciated the hard work of the group. Alka Gupta, a resident of the Sector 15A said, “The team has done a commendable job and has given a new dimension to the tube well which was never even noticed by the residents. Now, this new look of the well draws attention of everyone.”

Seeing the response of the denizens, Manbir wants to take this initiative further by engaging more people, especially youth, “Youth is the power of the nation and it is only them who can bring the needed change. The success has definitely boosted our morale,” Kaur added.

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