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‘My Employee – I Care’ Road Safety Event at GKN Driveline Sector 24

On 1st December I Love My City is launching city wise campaign on road safety. The Event highlights the importance of Helmet while driving two wheeler.

Slogan for the event is “Accident can happen but Helmet saves life”

Every year 150,000 people loose their lives on road accidents and more than one million get injured. A slight carelessness can bring pain and misery to the family. Drive safely and wear helmet.

I Love My City has kicked off a campaign for industrial workers, supervisors and managers and the campaign is named as My Employee-I care” with main focus on road safety for bike users and cyclists.

The first event was launched GKN Driveline in Sector-24. GKN has already launch campaign on safety  named as “Think Safe”  therefore aligning road safety.

campaign made sense for the employees to get connected with this campaign.

People who survived road accident because of helmet came to the stage and shared their experience and appealed to the audience to wear helmet while driving bikes or scooters.

ACP Traffic Mr.RK Sharma and FIA President Mr. SK Jain inaugurated the first event. On this occasion ACP Mr. RK Khanna appreciated and acknowledged Love My City and its members for taking this subject and launching the campaign and promised to be part of the campaign.

ACP said the main cause of accidents of two wheelers is fear due to incomplete documents or not wearing helmet, when bike rider See’s the policeman he speed up the bike and invariably met with accident. He requested all present their to travel with proper documents and he will personally help all in getting driving licenses.

FIA President Mr. SK Jain spoke about implementation of traffic rules firmly by authorities and punish those who violates the rules and put others life in danger. He promised to take this initiative by I Love My City across all Industries and educate their staff on safe driving with the help of I Love My City.

Mr. PP Singh Founder of I Love My City commented that life is very precious and by adopting simple cost effective methods we can save them as loss of loved one is irreparable.

Mr. Tarun Gupta of Marg darshan a NGO actively working on road safety, shared their vision and oath was taken to follow road safety norms. He also said that the initiative by I Love My City is very significant and at grass root level to bring awareness in the city. Marg darshan will invite I Love My city in their future endeavours.

I Love My City has also taken initiative with the help of industry to paint rear mudguard all bicycles in the city and paste with reflective sticker, so that our cyclist which 70% of our work force is visible at night.

Other notable persons were present during this event were

Mr. Shailender Dhawan, D Dua, PK Jain, Dheer Singh – representing GKN Mr. Navneet Gumber – Director SNG Engineering Mr. Om Maadan – MD Advance Tooling Inc. Mr. V Bhanot, A Ratra, P Sammi, Om Prakash, MK Vinod, Naveen Kumar, Rohit Sachdeva Hari chand Roh Jatin Pukan, Kulwant Singh – representing I Love My City

Attached pictures of the event, poster and cycle with sticker.

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