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My Employee - I Care “Road Safety Event” at VICTORA TOOL ENGINEERS Sector - 25 Faridabad

Updated: Dec 29, 2018

I Love My City campaign is now reaching to various industries. Target is by June 2011 I Love My City will coordinate with industries and get 100,000 bicycles rear mudguard painted and pasted with reflective sticker.

On 30th December I Love My City has conducted their 3rd road safety event of the month at Victora Tool Engineers Pvt 📷Limited, Plot No 46, Sector-25 Faridabad.

Owner Mr.SS Banga spearheaded the event and the concept of My Employee – I Care “Road Safety” is well accepted by him. It was his initiative to conduct theevent at their plant to bring road safety awareness to their work force which is roughly 3000 nos across 8 sites.

Details of the event were :

Special invitee: ACP Mr.RK Sharma Traffic Faridabad

Approximately 200 workmen, supervisors and managers attended the event. Eventkick started with Mrs. Harmeet  HR Manager of Victora Tool giving outline of the event and introducing I Love My City to them and explaining about their work on road safety in the city.

Plant Manager Mr Bhatia told his work force that how important they are to the organisation and their well being. Working safely inside the factory as well as travelling safely on the road while coming to the factory or while going back home. Road safety is very critical.

Mr. PP Singh Founder I Love My City explained to the work force that the most vulnerable road users are either pedestrian or cyclists and every second person killed or injured on the road is one of them. He also explained that by taking simple safety awareness actions for motor cycle or scooters like wearing ISI quality helmets, buckle up the helmet while riding the vehicle can protect from serious injuries. For cyclists to respect the road rules, how to take right turn on the road, putting proper reflectors at rear mudguard. These basic awareness can safe lives. Also he requested to share this meeting with their family and friends to further spread the awareness.

ACP Mr. RK Shama, told the workforce to carry proper documents as one of the major reasons of accidents are people running away from police because of incomplete documents. He also told to help the injured if you find one and police will reward for your contribution in saving that life. He also shared about emergency vehicle and 24×7 availability on following phone number 7838783783

The members of I Love My City, Ashok Ratra, Dhir Singh shared their life threatening incidents and survived as they were wearing helmets at the time of accident.

Road Safety oath was taken by I Love My City Members Deepti Talwar and Ashok Ratra and complete work force of Victora Tool Engineers.

Event was concluded by putting reflective stickers to the bicycles.

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