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One Million Stickers – Road Safety Campaign Launched in Faridabad

I Love My City started their campaign “One million Stickers – Road safety for all” at Panchal Mfg Co. Pvt Limited. Faridabad.

NGO I Love My City has been conducting Road Safety Events for last 3 years. Founder Mr. PP Singh pioneer of the concept of pasting reflective sticker on bicycles is working with a motto to make every cyclist visible on the road at night which can possibly save their life. In India every hour 15 persons are losing their lives due to road accidents which is highest in the world and each one of us has to contribute to save lives.

The new campaign is to make people aware about road safety and paste reflective stickers on every cycle in Faridabad. The campaign will be held in schools, collages, factories to make Faridabad a safe and road safety aware city. Today was the first of many events to be delivered this year.

The event started with the opening address from Factory owner Mr. Ashwani Panchal and he spoke about how safety is important whether it is inside the factory or on road and safety of his employee is his prime concern as each employee is part of his family.

Mr. Kulwant Singh shared that if you don’t know and do not follow safety then it is a mistake but id know and still don to follow safety rules then it is a crime. Do not commit crime, Virender Bhanot shared about time management and most of the accidents are due to people are in hurry. Pardeep Sammi shared how he survived a serious road accident because he was wearing proper helmet, Vikas Kalra shared how he survived a serious road accident because he was wearing proper helmet & Manbir Kaur told employees to be careful during festival season and drive safely.

One of the employee of Panchal Mfg shared that he lost his wife because their son was driving motorcycle very fast and on a speed breaker she fell and got head injury and died after 3~4 days.

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