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Road Repair at Sector 28 Faridabad

A patch in the road have was in a very Bad shape for a long time, and causing lot of trouble for the local residents and it would lead to dents in cars and very dangerous for the two wheelers specially the at night. After the Success of our first few events, The residents of sector 28 Faridabad invited (I Love My City) to co-ordinate a in a Road Repairing Event.

Every thing was arranged and conducted by the Residents, as here at ILMC we don’t complain about what should have been done is not done or blame the authorities responsible. The Residents of Sector 28  have realized that the 4 walls of their House is not the only place their Home is restricted too, The country, the City they live in is also part of that, Hence they decided, that the broken patch in the road was not something they wanted in their HOME and it had to go.

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