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Road Safety Awareness Event In School – Modern Vidya Niketan Aravali

Anmol Moti – Event conducted by I Love My City

On 6th December 2011, I Love My City conducted Road Safety Awareness Program for the students of Modern Vidya Niketan Aravali. The program was named “Anmol Moti”.

Chief Guest of the program was Joint Commissioner Police Mr.Anil Kumar Rao.

The event was conducted in association with Hero Moto Corp Ltd & Sehgal Automobiles Faridabad. The program started with videos of real accidents and statistics showing number of lives lost every hour in our country.

The’ nukkad Natak ”  one of the signature item of ILMC  ‘Sonu bhi ban sakta the bada aadmi was  based on  a story of a family where father committed to  his son Sonu that he will  get  him  a bike if he scores  90% in class XII. The child scores 90% but now father is afraid to buy him the bike because of road conditions and traffic on the road. But Sonu kept insisting and his father finally agreed. Sonu did stunts on his bike and one day he met with an accident and became paralyzed below the neck.

The natak clearly drove home the message that roads are no playgrounds and can be very harsh if you are careless. The natak was performed by ILMC volunteers, Deepak Tyagi, Pradip Sammi, Amarjeet bains, Angad & Manbir.

Mr. Pankaj Mahajan whose young son died in a road accident recently shared his grief that what the pain the parents have to undergo after the death of their young ones.

Joint Commissioner of Police Mr. Anil Kumar Rao while addressing the students reiterated that they had to be conscious about their own safety by wearing a helmet or a seat belt. He interacted with children who were about 600 in numbers and motivated them to address their problems. He also urged them to be very careful while crossing the road as pedestrians are the major sufferers on the road


Mrs. Manbir Kaur – CEO of I Love My City (ILMC) in her address said that the children are future stars of the city & the country and their slight negligence can cause lot of pain and anguish.

PP Singh Founder ILMC said that iPod had head phones has become the latest trend of the teenagers today but they are the lethal as sound of iPod cut them from outer world. He said that boys and girls should wear the helmets and should make that a fashion statement of today.

Hero Moto Corp Mr. Deepak Singh shared company’s program details of ‘Ride Safe’ and gave tips on defensive driving.

Large number of ILMC volunteers and office bearers VK Bhanot, Om Madaan Ashok Ratra, Lalit Mukhija, and Kulwant Singh were present to support the cause.

I Love My City is thankful MVN Aravali school management for this initiative.

Update! An Article about our event in the City Plus news paper.

City Plus News Paper Article


The ‘Anmol Moti‘ event was a great success and was appreciated by all including The MVN Aravali Management and staff and even Joint Commissioner Mr. Anil Rao commended on the success of the of the event.

We thank every one who contributed in making the event a great success.

I Love My City in Association Hero Moto Corp and Faridabad Police will be hosting a Road Safety Awareness Event in MODERN VIDYA NIKETAN –  ARAVALI and the name given to the event is “Anmol Moti“.

The event date 6th December 2011 Time : 08:45 AM to 09:45 AM Venue: Modern Vidya Niketan, Aravali – Faridabad

Event will start with

a. Video clippings of various road intersections near schools and colleges, where drivers are not following traffic rules. Video will highlight those anomalies and interactive discussions on the video.

b. Presentation on Road Safety.

c. Nukkad Natak “ Sonu bhi ban sakta tha bada aadmi”

d. Introduction of people who survived road accidents to narrate their real life incidents

e. Introduction of parent who lost their young children in road accidents and they narrate their lives after losing their children in road accidents.

f.  Senior Police official/ Joint Commissioner of Faridabad Police Anil Kumar Rao will communicate with children explaining road safety and traffic rules.

g. Event will end with distribution of pamphlets to the students with a message for their parents for safe driving.We have to make 2-3 teams and take responsibility of the tasks to be completed. We need to practice for smooth flow of the event. I will be send you details of the meeting later today and then we can finalize the detailing of the event.Looking forward for your participation and successful execution of the event.

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